SGRecruiter is a platform for recruiting talented and qualified prospects for job opportunities in your organization. We're particularly interested in helping you find passive job seekers (i.e., those who may be interested in new employment but are not actively seeking it at the moment).

We refer to job "opportunities" rather than "positions" because SGRecruiter is not a traditional job board. 

When you create an Opportunity, you aren't posting a job, you're defining the desired characteristics of an ideal applicant and using those parameters to search through our prospect database. 

We give you the ability to review Prospects matched to those parameters anonymously, free from the traditional details of applicant pools that can be tainted by implicit bias. 

Once you've found and unmasked one or more Prospects, you are free to request an interview and continue through your traditional hiring process. Our goal is to bring people into that applicant pool that are well suited for the position and, ideally, wouldn't have applied to a traditional job posting.

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