After a Prospect is matched to an Opportunity, they'll receive an email notification and your Opportunity will show up in their "Opportunities" tab. At this point, they can only see generalities about the position.

The Opportunity's Detail Page shows a similarly limited amount of information. We do this to prevent your hiring managers from being contacted directly, rather than through SGRecruiter. During this time, the only way for contact to be made is if it is initiated by your Organization.

As you begin to interact with the Prospect, more and more information about the Opportunity is revealed to them. This is done to encourage interaction but also to give the Prospect a sense of whether this Opportunity is something that might interest them.

For example, if you send a Questionnaire to a Prospect, the job title is made visible to them:

This limited scope of information continues, even as they answer your Questionnaire:

If you initiate a conversation with a Prospect, they are allowed to see the Organization and Job Title. Prospects engaged in a conversation can see the initials of the Employers with whom they are speaking, but not the full name. Employers will only see the initials "Pr" for "Prospect."

Once you ask a Prospect to unmask, they can view all of the information about the Opportunity:

At this point, the Prospect must choose whether to approve or deny the request to Unmask.

Once a Prospect has agreed to be unmasked, we explain what may happen next (specifically, you may request an interview). 

For more information about how SGRecruiter works after unmasking, please read this article: How does SGRecruiter fit into my hiring process?

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