As a prospect, you may connect your LinkedIn account to help with two things:

  1. Expediting the entry of certain parts of your profile; and
  2. Allowing you to log in with your LinkedIn account, saving you the need to remember yet another password.

Other than for these two functions, we do not use any of your data for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn connection occurs only after you have created your SGRecruiter account. We do not automatically import anything from your LinkedIn profile except for the link to your public LinkedIn profile. The other items we can help you import are:

  1. Your headline
  2. Your current employer

We only have access to your basic profile, including your current employer(s) and other general information. We do not have access to skills, certifications, education, past employers, achievements, or any other data. Since we don't automatically import any of your data, you are in total control over what is brought over from your LinkedIn account. 

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