Congrats! You've been matched to an Opportunity based on your experience, skillset, and career goals. Although each hiring manager is different, the typical process involves triaging the matches, reaching out (via Questionnaire or Chat) for more information, requesting to Unmask you, and then next steps (whether an interview or additional questions).

The process for you, as a Prospect, is a bit of a mirror image of that for the hiring manager. Right now, you can only see some general information about the Opportunity. As the hiring manager reaches out to you, you'll be provided more and more details. If you get an Unmasking Request, you'll be able to see the entire Opportunity Profile.

Although unconventional, this was a conscious design choice. It was important for us to provide the hiring manager with a bit of anonymity as they review their matches, much like we want to give you anonymity until you're ready to be known. This lets the hiring manager review the matches in calm, distraction-free environment.

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