To add your education history, visit the Résumé section of your profile:

Scroll down to the "Work History" box and click the "Add" button:

The following will then be displayed:

This is where you'll create a new work history record. Start by selecting the employment sector in which you worked. 

For City, County, and Other Local, we use the US Census database to autocomplete the names of cities, counties, and school districts. If you worked a different type of public entity (special district, state, or federal, for example), use the "Other Public" option.

For Private and Non-Profit, you'll enter the name of your employer as free-text.

Be sure to enter your title and select the related field and seniority.

Your ending salary does not have to be exact (it can be rounded to the nearest thousand, for example). It is only used to help match you for positions in appropriate pay ranges.

The start and end dates are required. If you're entering a position from a long time ago and can't quite remember if you started in March or April, just give it your best guess. Your profile is not a formal job application, it's a platform to match you to open jobs. If you're off by a month or two, it's not the end of the world.

You may also discuss any projects you worked on, achievements you had, or awards you won. We recommend not entering job duties in this section. Instead, talk about the great things you did that set you apart from everyone else.

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