SGRecruiter hosts job listings from hundreds of cities and towns across the United States. Each job listing is comprised of a set of requirements and preferences for things like education, work experience, and skills. 

Prospects are able to create a profile which identifies their relevant education, work experience, and skills. We use this information, along with other preferences that you specify, to match you to positions for which you might be well-suited.

Once you're matched to a position, the Employer will be able to view anonymized details abour your profile (you can view your Anonymous Profile at any time). This allows the Employer to learn more about you, but keeps you in control of when they can actually find out who you are.

You may choose to chat directly with the Employer (anonymously if you initiate the conversation).

If the Employer wishes to learn more about you and/or request an interview, the Employer will request to "Unmask" your profile. If you agree, they will be able to see your full profile, including your name, location, work history, and education.

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